Heart? Exploded.

Tonight Mina rubs her chest and says:
“Momma, I’m full of love.”
Goddamn I love this kid.

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You knew it would happen sooner or later…

Mina has a working digital camera and a Flickr account. All photos vetted by me for appropriate content. You never know when she is going to surprise you with her camera!

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    Hi. Are you really reading this? I kinda doubt it. It’s all about the baby. But you knew that. Well, it used to be all about the contents of my uterus. But I have disgorged myself of the contents of my uterus. Actually, she was forcibly removed on September 25th. So now, we’re following her progress outside the confines of my womb.

    There will still be TMI, both about her bodily functions and mine. Don’t like it? Tough luck.

    I still don’t think anyone has read this, though…